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Do you have some extra time to give back?  We are always looking to expand our volunteer network, after all, volunteers make what we do successful- and we are in the business of saving as many cat lives as we can! 

We are currently looking for ongoing and occasional volunteers in the following areas:


 -Fundraising and Event Planning (brainstorming, researching venues/costs, help setting up/packing up at events, help running events, etc.)


-Volunteer Coordinator (recruiting, training, and managing volunteers)


-Community Awareness/Marketing Campaigns (setting up various community awareness events, creating flyers, overall marketing)


-Donations (sending emails/calls to businesses to get prize donations)


-Media work (contacting media outlets and posting events on various online community event calendars, setting up radio ads/PSAs, etc)


-Computer Work (creating/maintaining databases/mailing lists)


-Crafts (crocheting/knitting/sewing items we can sell, supplies will be provided)


-Corporate Sponsorships (developing sponsorship packages, contacting businesses)


-Newsletter (creating, writing, and distributing/emailing a quarterly newsletter)


-Photography (cats and events)

If you would like more information 

Complete your Volunteer Application Form Today: 

Volunteer Application Form 

or CLICK HERE for an online version to complete 

Volunteer Guidelines  
1. Volunteers are required to attend any training sessions and/or interviews that SaFeMEOW deems necessary.  

2. All people and animals are to be treated with respect and courtesy at all times.  

3. Volunteers are expected to maintain confidentiality in regards to any SaFeMEOW clients and/or businesses. You are not permitted to speak with any public figures or media without prior approval or designation. 

4. Guests of volunteers are not permitted to accompany the volunteer during their shift unless prior authorization is received.

5. SaFeMEOW has the right to terminate any volunteer at any time for unsafe practices or for any inappropriate behaviour.

6. Any injury or accident to a person or animal should be reported immediately to SaFeMEOW

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