SaFeMEOW CatSpa!


All offered from within the comfort of your own home, this means no travel and less stress on your cat! *

Grooming (shave down and bathing) this can be done offsite @ SaFeMEOW, if you do not want the hair in your home. 

Nails- All nails trimmed    ($20.00) 

Ears-  Ear cleaning for general care and maintenance   ($20.00)

Brush Out- Full coat brushing ($30.00)

Shave Down - Aka “lion cut”  ($60.00)

Bath- Bath with cat friendly shampoo and towel dry down   ($40.00)

Blow Dry - If needed after bathing  ($10.00)

DeMatt- Removal of hair tangles or matts via brushing/trimming/shaving, depending on severity ($40.00-60.00)

Gland Expression- Anal gland expression by a Registered Veterinary Technician ($35.00) 

Specialized Care- Medicating, Wound Care, Fluid Therapies, Palliative care *under direction of your veterinarian, this means your veterinarian needs to be on board with home care being provided by a Registered Veterinary Technician    ($25.00 per visit)

*Travel Outside the City of Guelph is billed at $0.50 per km

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