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SaFeMEOW CatSpa!

Did you know.....Cats require grooming!? 
From bathing to nail trims, SaFeMEOW is proud to offer all of these services in your home- this means minimal stress for your pet and for you! 

SaFeMEOW Design

 A few little things can be done around your home that will lead to a happier and longer life for your pets, but most importantly enrichment!   At SaFeMEOW we are trained to identify and construct the ideal cat spaces- whether it's vertical living space, indoor-outdoor 'Catio's', window boxes or installation of climbers, scratchers or animal doors we are trained and equipped to give you the ideal set up for your home!

SaFeMEOW Pet Sitting

Are you going away? Unable to bring your companion with you? Contact us to arrange in home care! 

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