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SaFeMEOW Behavioral Consultations

Litter Box Issues
Inappropriate Scratching 
Cat to Cat Relations 
Aggression/ Biting 
Overall Health Assessments 
Nutrition, Feeding, Dietary Management  
And More..... 

Cats can be considered a difficult animal to live with, but they don't have to be!   At SaFeMEOW we provide remote or in home consultation services for any of your concerns! All behavioral consults and plans are completed by a Registered Veterinary Technician.

Email Consultation   - Initial Consult ($60.00) 

                                   - Additional Consults ($30.00) 

In Home Consultation - Initial Consult ($100.00) 

                                      - Additional Consults ($50.00) 

Behavioral Plan- compilation of specific resources to your situation and a time based plan to the corrective approach(s)   ($80.00) 


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