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Are you interested in volunteering to be a foster parent?  

Fostering would involve providing a safe and secure home for animals awaiting adoption.  Having trustworthy and reliable foster homes is the basis of SaFeMEOW, as we do not have a physical shelter location, all of are animals are raised and cared for in foster homes until adopted. 

Is everyone in the home on board with fostering? 

Do you already own animals? How will they react to new animals coming into the home? 
If you have animals, are they fully vaccinated and healthy? 

Do you have a secluded/secure area to keep young kittens while they become accustomed to your home? ie. spare bedroom/office

Are you willing to provide medical care, if needed? (ie. pills) 

Do you have the time?  An important part of fostering is socialization and spending time with the animals. Minimum time requirements would be 2 hours daily, of play and socialization)

Interested in Fostering? 

Foster Application form 

or CLICK HERE for an online version to complete 

Other Forms: 

Foster Terms and Conditions 

Preparing for your foster Cat (s)

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