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Do you have a shelter I can visit? 
No, our rescue is based out of foster homes.  We believe this makes for 'better', well socialized kittens available for adoption, they get the one:one attention they need and deserve while awaiting forever homes.   
Do you accept Donations? 
Yes! We would be very grateful for any donations. 
At this time we can only accept financial donations in cash or e-transfer.   
We have a wishlist of other items that our Rescue is in need of, visit our HOW YOU CAN HELP

Where would my donation go? 
Medical care (emergency and preventative)

Nutrition (providing balanced diets to all kittens in our care, who eat 2-8 times a day!) 

Transportation (gas for volunteers to travel for rescue pickups and adoption drop offs) 

Enrichment (providing toys and treats to animals in our care) 

Supplies (day to day needs such as cleaning supplies, feeding bowls, laundry detergent etc...)
What is your Adoption Fee? 
What does your Adoption fee cover? 
Medical care, veterinary exam, de-worming, age appropriate vaccines, spay/neuter, microchip, complete health record, food (to transfer to new diet),  6 weeks of pet insurance, and first toy. 

Is there a surrender fee? 
Yes, Please contact SaFeMEOW to discuss.  Any owned animal (as deemed by SaFe MEOW), that is being surrendered, is subject to a surrender fee of $100.00.   The Director of SaFe MEOW is the only one who can waive this fee. Being a small rescue, our focus is on homeless and stray animals.  Surrenders take up vulnerable resources and space, in addition, these cats are usually in our care longer.   The surrender fee helps to cover the cost of caring for your animal 

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