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At SaFeMEOW, animal well-being is our first priority. 
This is why we are proud to offer, with EVERY adoption....

~ Spay / Neuter (from a leading veterinary hospital)

~ Parasite treatment and prevention (deworming, ticks, fleas, mites, ect.)


~  Age Appropriate Vaccinations (this includes any boosters needed while in our care) 
    This includes the FVRCP vaccine and Rabies vaccine
*rabies is only given to kittens over 4 months of age*

~ Identification Microchip Inserted and Registered to You. 

~ First Vet Exam (at a leading veterinary hospital)

~ Adoption Gift from Royal Canin (Sample of Dry and Wet food, a 'welcome' booklet and coupons) 

 ~ Animal Health Folder  

~ Pet Insurance to cover any incidents or concerns during the first 6 weeks  

Our adoption fee is $210, this goes towards caring for the cats/kittens while they await adoption and any needed medical expenses.

For the 'free kitten' you could get elsewhere, the basic medical care equivalent to this adoption package would run upwards of $600.00 

For more information on our Kitten Adoption Packages please feel free to email us at

If you’re interested in filling out an adoption application for one of our kittens, click HERE.

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