Alicia and Jason 

Jay and I met when I was in college to become a social service worker- at the time, Jay was working full time as a radio producer for a top rated morning show in Hamilton, Ontario.   We lived in Hamilton for several years until we got married and moved to Guelph.  Jay left radio and media to work full time for a family business in construction.  After moving to Guelph I began to volunteer at a humane society, where I was later hired.  I left working in the government and social service sector to work with animals and soon became inspired to go back to school to become a Veterinary Technician.   During my time at the humane society, Jay became involved, and we fostered a senior diabetic cat.  This is where Jay's inspiration comes from..... 'Max", in loving and losing max too soon, Jay was inspired to become a Veterinary Technician as well.  Jay felt the need and obligation to help and care for all animals in "Max's" situation.   Together we embarked on a new journey.... 2 mature students, husband and wife, going back to school full the same time!  The realities of life soon kicked in and we realized we could not both be in school at the same time.  Jay returned to working in construction while I finished my diploma and became a Registered Veterinary Technician.  Now its Jays turn, while I am working at an Animal Hospital as an RVT, he is back in school to finish his diploma and become a Registered Veterinary Technician.   We have always held a passion for cats and it is our dream to be able to start SaFeMEOW.                                                                                       - Alicia 

Founders of SaFeMEOW